Ditto Navigator™ – Price Journey

This is one of my favourite tools to use as part of my daily routine.

I find it misleading to look at just price and % movement. It is interesting to know that the EURUSD is at 1.135 (0.15%) but that is just snapshot in time. To have that information and see that the EURUSD went up 1% at one stage in the day and is now trade up 0.15% is a lot more informative than just a point in time snapshot.

First you need to go to the Price Journey button and choose your time frame there is Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Custom Dates. You have no idea how I have hunted over the years to get a decent version of this idea to work for me. Once you have your time frame you can then choose up to 5 symbols to compare as well watch on their price journey.

What I like to do is keep my Daily Journey open on a tab throughout my day. I tend to then toggle between my Performance and Price Journey analysis. Here you see my analysis.

Sometimes you want to do a purely comparative analysis. I wanted to see how Gold performed relative to Bitcoin this month.

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