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The Ditto Navigator™️MarketWatch stays open on the Performance tab all day on my terminal.

I like to click on the the D% (daily %) column header so that all the symbols are sorted in descending order from the most profitable on top to the worst performer for the day. The prices on the table update in real time and give me an excellent sense of what is happening in the moment.

Another important feature of this performance table is the micro and macro view it gives on the symbols performance over a 1yr plus time frame. Instead of being locked into only a short term mindset I am able to see how the symbol I am observing has performed over the different stages of the year.

What is really useful is that I am able to click on a particular symbol I am interested in such as XNGUSD and the chart opens up immediately in a new tab, see snapshot below. If you like some additional info about the symbol you can simply drag the “Dittoinfo” indicator onto your chart. The daily change % will be visible as well as info on the spread.

I then typically click on the Trend tool to see what is trending in my main watchlist of up to 20 symbols. It is very easy to what is trending in a strong or moderate way. When both indicator readings are the same we define the reading as “Strong” there is also the ability to modify the parameters by clicking the “Settings” button.

As you can see I have ticked a few alert boxes, I have set an alert on XAUUSD (Gold) as I want to know every time there is a new trend in either direction. Take note I have set everything to the D1 (Daily) time frame. As mentioned before the beauty with this tool is I can click on XAUUSD and the chart with the indicators will open in a new tab.

Unfortunately I chose not the best example for the labels to appear clearly but you get it all the indicator and labelling setup for you.

Just look at what is trending I also need to look at what is overbought or oversold, so I click on the Oscillators button. In this example the GBPUSD is overbought so lets click on it and see how the chart looks.

As you can see in the chart that is open below the indicators are already setup so it makes it really quick and easy to look at what is going on.

Finally if you want to see the status of your alerts it is very simple. First you go back to the Navigator dashboard it will always be the first tab, you then click on Alerts on the menu button and be sure to focus on the MW (MarketWatch) Alerts button. This shows you what alerts are active.

I will do a separate blog post for the Price Journey.

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