Ditto is Open for Business

We want to kick the year off with an update on where we are up to, what we have learned so far and what you can expect from us over the coming weeks and months.

Our approach is to engage with our community in a transparent and regular way. If we are to succeed as a company and achieve our lofty goals we need a community, with early adopters like you to let us know where we have bugs, where our features and tools are unclear, where we have missed something and most importantly where you think we are getting it right.

If you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Copy Trading

In late October 2021 we started our campaign recruiting Pro Traders to become the masters of the ditto universe.

It is important to emphasise that this is the main differentiator of the Ditto platform. There are many copy trading platforms in our industry but we are not aware of a platform that offers only institutional quality traders to ditto. It has been exciting for me to continue the journey I started with RAPA in 2012 matching talent with capital. I can say as a team who have been together for more than a decade and analysed more than 100,000 trading accounts and invested with more than 100 traders we are in a very good position to be the stewards for investors on our platform.

Over the past 2+ months we have engaged with more than 100 potential Pro Trader candidates and currently have 4 managers committed with another 3 that we hope to get over the line in the coming weeks. While our four criteria for passing the initial screening seem reasonable at first glance it turns out to be a pretty tough a hurdle to get past. Not to mention the further analysis both quantitative and qualitative we do before a trader makes the cut.

While these steps delay when you can start to ditto we believe it is well worth the wait. We don’t want to commit to a date but we are currently onboarding our initial batch of traders, they will trade with our proprietary capital for a while then we will need to decide how many Pro Traders on the platform is suitable for us to launch copy trading for the investors.


We are open for business to start trading. We have started with our Vanuatu license and will be adding our ASIC license in the coming weeks once we have got all our flows working smoothly with one jurisdiction we will go to two.

We have one of the largest product offerings with 1000’s of US stocks and 300 Australia stocks, Forex, Metals, Indices, Crypto and Commodities if you want to go through the list you can access it here.

We really need your help with our onboarding we have not used off the shelf solutions as we are committed to giving our users the best user experience possible when it comes to your wallet and its integration with the app. Ironically our trying to improve the user experience is probably going to make it a bit worse in the beginning.

Please click here to get things started, you can even start with a demo account if you are new to MT5.

Ditto Navigator

The Ditto Navigator is our proprietary MT5 trading tool. This tool is a helpful for the experienced trader or the newbie we urge you to leverage the collective quantitative skills of professional traders and quants who have been building models for decades and are constantly using our skills and experience towards developing and bettering this tool. Here is a link to a download of our MT5 terminal with its latest Navigator EA version.


We ask you to please please join our Discord channel. There are so many little things that still need to be setup to make everything work smoothly and easy to follow. We are a startup and I am not going to apologise for this, we will iterate and get better. In the meantime the most fluid and easiest way for us to engage with all our users is via this Discord Channel.

We really want to hear from you and if you prefer email then support@ditto.trade is waiting for you.


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