Alone but not Alone

I am sitting in my hotel room in isolation; not just from that bloody covid virus that I caught but from the singular thoughts and prayers I am channelling towards my colleagues and friends in Ukraine.

I have a long and passionate relationship with Ukraine, my grandfather came from Ukraine, my business partner of 11 years lives in Ukraine, I directly employ more than 10 people in Ukraine who are more than just work colleagues. I have visited this wonderful country many times with its warm, friendly and peace loving people.

I am simply devastated that it has come to this.

We live in a world where good values have been replaced by convenient ones. We live in a world where leadership is absent in place of weak self serving sycophants. We live in a world where instant gratification is rewarded over more difficult but enduring behaviour. We live in a world where the disparity between the rich and the poor has grown with no genuine attempt to improve it.

We live in a world where you are alone.

We all want to believe that our friends will come running to protect us when we are in trouble. History has shown us time and time again that unless there are real tangible benefits when the sh1t hits the fan you are on your own.

However, despite that depressing fact at a macro level, the real truth is that you are not alone, because the world is full of good decent people who understand right from wrong, good versus evil and the people of Ukraine should draw some comfort that while the so called leaders of the free world stand by there are hundreds of millions of people praying and doing whatever they can to help in the hope that a peaceful solution can be achieved.

I hope this is not perceived as insensitive to be discussing right now but if you look through history the world oscillates along an archetypal continuum of feast and famine, good and evil, rich and poor, war and peace.

The world has pursued an easy money policy that has allowed excesses to go unchecked and the world to become displaced, extended, unstable, fragile.

There are economic forces that have been unleashed into the world at present that have to be corrected. These corrective forces extend way beyond simple economic factors. We have lived through an epoch of plenty and its inevitable for an epoch of scarcity to follow.

I find the chart below informative as to how an all time high in gold and forex reserves could embolden a megalomaniac autocrat to strike out and wreak havoc, comforted with the thought that he has enough reserves and communist friends to ride out economic sanctions.

The economic reality is that the financial hardship he is about to bring to his people will far outweigh the glory of power he so desperately claims he wishes to restore to his people.

I didn’t want to write today as I am covid-sick and I am in war-shock but I did and I hope I never offended with insensitivity or alarm.

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    Albert says:

    Crimea under Obama; now this/Biden ..

    This nvr would’ve happened w/ Trump.

    Get well, man ..yeah, i disagree; on one hand we could say when money runs out so do your friends; but are/were they friends then? ..

    It’s amazing how fast they can revert to TDS ..

    I wouldn’t be so sure of right from wrong, good from evil with all their pride parades and being so woke .. but this is why my assignment is the harvest.

    3:10-3:44 my mentor/one of them ..powerful prophet. From ๐Ÿ™‚ your neck of the woods ..

    I know this can be seen as what happened in 2014. That’s not why I shared this .. Russia also didn’t get spanked, and the annexation no joy came out of that ..ofc; what can also happen is that now is connected to ’14 ..

    Oscillates..ying and yang, you know i had preliminarily begun work on natrl cycles there is a nice correlation b/ween sunspots and stock mkt activity/the Dow ..

    even then; if dunno where getting out b4 getting in – useless..

    not insensitive at all. If we were discussing gains here that would be.

    If we were still on the gold standard U.S. could nvr have entered WWII ..I mean engineering the Bolsheviks/Russian Revolution; then Hitler .. the lesser of the two evils but equally the Allies, U.S. was on the side of central banking .. just countries being played against each other; who’s fighting who ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ???

    Jesus said, wars and rumors of wars. But fear not, for the end is not yet; and these things must happen .. Ezekiel 38-9 but we’re not at the end yet; first we’ll see a harvest, good times ..

    makes no sense; Putin is a Christian but he’s calling Ukrainian leadership Nazis and bombs civilians ..Gog-Magog? ..not the Antichrist; still; that’d be Assyrian (modern-day Turkey)..

    PS There is a rifle out from every window and ๐Ÿ˜‰ Molotov cocktails manufactured by the boatloads (pun intended) ..:p Ukraine is not running out of booze ..

    I mean it’s so surreal; here ๐Ÿ™ ;( i can be eating a Hungarian goulash or, say, crรชpes w/ whipped cream and not far away ppl are fleeing ..

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    Albert says:

    Pray in the sense that .. It’s ok to post Pray for Ukraine; but with how much the media hath lied to us the/se past 6+ (like, really, not just bias) yrs how much are they lying to us now? ..don’t let the media formulate that as an an empathy to misdirect our thinking from what the real prob is. And, sadly, we must let the war play out

    Resist fear

    Be ppl of prayer; pray, that God will do all his will/expose

    Hold onto the prophetic word / the Yt link there is faulty i’m trying to get it changed; alternatively, can find the recording on their channel ..

    We love the Ukrainian ppl; the govt is corrupt

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