28 Dec 2021

Jeff Bezos launches a skimpy new venture. The billion dollar question on everyone’s lips is, “is he happy.”

On the 16th of December not for the first time I warned you of the massive seasonal bias towards a Christmas rally. You paid for your subscription with that trade alone. In the last 5 trading days we rallied 5%, who says Father Christmas is in lockdown.

Warning – Explicit Graphic Content:

Here is another one of those factoids that is incredibly hard to argue with. We are talking some serious flow here in January. I am going to be a little risque, once again I urge you to do what I say and not what I do. I just loaded up on some more S&P500 shorts.

Clearly I am playing fast and loose here. As my Ditto Navigator Oscillators are clearly not telling me that the S&P500 is overbought on the daily timeframe. Yes the Stochastic is signalling but the RSI has not confirmed, oi vey this could get messy. What is signalling oversold is Magellan which I am long and making some coin on.

Something doesn’t feel right with the Chinese approach to Covid-19 zero. Do they seriously think they can lockdown cities Chinese style and not have a serious impact on their already ailing economy. Call me psychic or call me informed but the China economic growth story (or the lack of it) has a lot more still to be told. I am watching closely.

Chinese Industrial Profits continue to Fall.

I am reading a great book on history called The Great Rupture which is really helping me understand the Chinese story through the last 500 years. I will save my futuristic comments until I have finished reading it and have a clearer picture.

Let me leave you with one more seasonal that is bullish Gold for this time of the year. The Gold trade is a lot more profitable than buying the S&P500 over this period.

I think there is plenty of room for Gold to rally from here, especially given the inflation backdrop. So I guess it’s time to get some.

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