18 Feb 2022

The Joe Rogan Podcast is a phenomenon that needs to be analysed for what it is saying about the society we live in today. I think he is super talented, his long format style of questioning I like, I find him somewhat self indulgent trying to sound more intelligent than he really is (kind of like me on my soapbox). However the question remains why is he the biggest name in broadcasting today, bigger than any one presenter on the mainstream networks.

I have missed a number of my writing slots this week. I am just not into it this week.

What I mean is that I am just too busy to delve deeply into the narrative and pick up the mood and temperature of the macro scene. I am trading well, I am at an all time high water mark but I just don’t think I can add any value on the shorter term stuff this week. I really need to feel like I am fully plugged in to the markets to add value to myself and to you guys.

Here are the big macro symbols I am following and the monthly journey so far:

Bitcoin is down more than -7.4% and the SP500 -2.14% on the day. I am short the SP500 and Oil going into the weekend. I may cover my oil short as a Russian invasion might expose me to gap risk on the weekend above my stops.

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